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For those who have been in a destructive relationship and want to love again...

How to Heal from a Painful Relationship compiles 12 moving stories of women, from different social classes, who transformed their lives through a series of personal growth workshops and individual therapy sessions.

This book continues where Robin Norwood’s Women Who Love too Much left off. Each woman shares her personal story in which she clearly describes the steps she took in order to heal after a destructive relationship. Each testimony concludes with a list of tips which are practical and easy to follow. These stories show that every woman has the power to redirect and drastically change her conflictive life and can learn to love without suffering.

"These important stories allow you to meet women who were able to heal after being involved in a conflictive relationship. I was inspired by their courage to openly share their life experiences and discuss topics that we are usually ashamed of, or afraid to talk about, because we think that these things only happen to us."
Lila Downs.

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