How to Heal from a Painful Relationship by Bonnie Grossman was written for women who experience infidelity, physical or psychological abuse and dissatisfaction in their relationships and associate love with pain.



Bonnie Grossman conducts personal and professional development workshops that cover a wide range of topics. She also offers life coaching sessions that generate internal transformation. Her work is centered on the idea that we are responsible for our lives, have the ability to direct them and create the person we want to be with compassion and self awareness.

This process will make our internal light shine and increase the joy of being alive by connecting with the divine, increasing our self love and acceptance, exploring our unique way of contributing to the world, and realizing our dreams.

The practice of internal transformation promotes the concept that, in order to make a profound inner change, it is essential to complete powerful external actions. These actions will solidify the desired change and help us realize that we are capable of much more than we had previously imagined.